Instant Pot Tips

There are two appliances that have earned a permanent spot on my kitchen counter.  One is my coffee pot, and the other is my Instant Pot.  Since I use my Instant Pot 3-4 times each week, I love learning about new and useful Instant Pot tips to make cooking easy and/or more enjoyable.

I’ll be compiling and updating an exhaustive list of tips and tricks to make your Instant Pot cooking adventures easier than ever!  Check back soon!

  • When cooking pasta, set the manual, high pressure time for half of the “traditional” stove-top cook time.  For example, if your box of shells says to cook it for 8 minutes, then you should set your time for 4 minutes in the Instant Pot.
  • Consider buying a second sealing ring.  Mine started smelling a bit like taco seasonings after my third batch of salsa chicken and I had read that my cheesecake might taste that way if I didn’t use a separate ring.
  • Store your Instant Pot with the lid open and upside down.  This will help to “air out” the sealing ring.  They tend to hold on to the aroma of what you’ve cooked.
  • You don’t need to add extra time if cooking from frozen.  It will just take your IP a little longer to come to pressure.
  • Prep your freezer meals in freezer bags placed in round containers.  This way you can pop them in to the Instant Pot and don’t have to thaw it first.